Dean Maris, Executive Producer
At Maris Media (MM), we understand how
important it is to capture the special moments of
your events in a way that you will always
appreciate. Our goal is to provide high quality,
unobtrusive videography of your event at an
affordable price.

We use only high quality digital video equipment
from start to finish. This ensures sharp and
images with clear sound. We record using digital
medias and master your video to DVD.  That
means, the image will look as good as it did the
day we taped it and for years to come it will keep
its quality no matter how often you watch it.  
We also master to other formats upon request
(DVCAM, DV sp, DV lp, and may others).

We also provide video training, equipment
consultation for purchase, video equipment rental,
and a variety of other video & technology services.
Maris Media